To get access to the Slack workspace, email and we will invite you to the workspace.

Overview and sign up

Slack helps people work together and collaborate as easily online as they do in person. It is designed to support the way people naturally work together, making collaborating with people online as easy and efficient as it is face-to-face.

  1. Organize conversations: Participate in conversations about best practices, program evaluation, research collaborations, etc.
  2. Share files and documents: You are able to bring files into conversations.
  3. Find everything in the archive: You can search the BREAK Exchange’s Slack workspace for messages, files, and channels—everything you need to get the right information.
  4. Talk it out face-to-face: Whenever a message is not the right fit, you can start a call with colleagues right from inside Slack.

Using Slack is easy; you can use it on your computer, Android device, or IPhone/IPad


  • Use sidebar to navigate, join and post in channels (topics) and send private messages.
  • Use details view (the ‘I’ on the right) to add new members to the channel, find files and posts that have been shared in the conversation, manage notifications, or leave a channel.

Slack screenshot


Communication within channels

In order to make sure a particular person sees a post, you can tag them with “@” and their name. To make sure that everyone in the channel is aware of a post, type “@channel”

Slack screenshot


For a more in-depth introduction to Slack, visit